Veena Malik returns to Pakistan ‘as a mature girl’

Actress Veena Malik, who got hitched in December last year, arrived at the Islamabad airport on Wednesday with her Dubai-based businessman Asad Basheer Khan Khattak after spending four years abroad.

Veena Malik and  Asad Basheer Khan
Veena Malik and Asad Basheer Khan

Speaking to the media at the airport, Veena Malik said that she has returned to the country “as a mature girl.” She further said that she wanted to work in Pakistan and that her love for the people of Pakistan as well as the country itself had increased during the time spent away from the country. “It has been multiplied by like 1000 times,” the well-known actress remarked.

‘No restrictions’

Referring to her retirement from the film industry, her husband stated that there were no restrictions on her from his behalf, adding that Veena herself wanted to retire. Expressing his desire and support for his wife to do social work in Pakistan, Asad Basheer Khan stated that “if she can do something, I would love to be with her.” -tribune