I’m A Celebrity: Amy Willerton and Joey Essex Shower together in the Jungle

I’m A Celebrity: Amy Willerton and Joey Essex Shower together in the Jungle

The couple took a shower together, showing off their amazing bodies.

 Amy Willerton and Joey Essex Shower togetherThey seem to have grown very close in the jungle and now this year’s I’m A Celebrity contestants, Amy Willerton and Joey Essex seem to be spending more time together than ever.

In Thursday night’s episode of the show, the couple took a shower together, showing off their amazing bodies. Amy wore an emerald green triangle bikini and the make-up free star wore her favourite pearl necklace once again with her outfit. ‘I’m scared, it’s cold,’ said Amy apprehensively as she walked towards the shower. ‘Pretend it ain’t cold,’ said Joey.

‘It’s not cold,’ Amy tried to convinced herself. ‘I feel like we’re doing one of those spiritual music videos,’ she added.  Amy, 21, was the first to dive in while Joey took a moment to steal a sneaky glimpse of the pretty star. Joining her soon after, Joey, 23, showed off a surprisingly large pair of biceps and a very toned chest, while wearing a pricey pair of Louis Vuitton swimming shorts.

The reality star brought along a couple of bottles of toiletries and Amy had a simple bar of soap with her and it wasn’t long before the pair got themselves lathered up. At one point, Amy giggled as Joey gasped under the icy cold water but it gave him the perfect opportunity to flex his impressive pecs for the beaming beauty.

The pair have bonded since the first day they met on the show. On Wednesday night, viewers witnessed Amy giving Joey a saucy shoulder massage which he really seemed to enjoy. But the show of closeness made fellow camp mate and Olympian swimmer, Rebecca Adlington, feel uncomfortable. She told the pair: ‘I can’t take the sexual tension anymore.

‘It’s so awkward for me and Steve [Davis] just sat here watching you two. I feel like I’m watching porn with my parents.’ But the close moments didn’t end there with Amy also teaching Joey how to tell the time, while sitting closely together. Amy revealed that she is looking for love before she entered the jungle.

She said: ‘I’ve been single for five months now and I’m open to meeting somebody. If there’s someone that I really like in there, maybe I’ll mingle. ‘I would love a Tarzan to sweep me off my feet in the jungle. That would be amazing. I’m a real romantic. I’m definitely up for being a jungle Jane.’

And it sounds like Joey’s on the same page. He chose a two-seater blow-up boat as his luxury item to bring on the show with good reason. He said: ‘I can use it as a bed. And if there’s a salty potato [Essex slang for a pretty girl] in the jungle, I can take her for a little day out.’

At least Joey can rest assured that if he does start dating Amy, his friends will give him their seal of approval. Earlier, Joey’s close pal and fellow TOWIE star, James Argent told ITV talk show, Daybreak he was jealous of the duo’s chemistry.

He said: ‘She’s lovely… I am a bit jealous yeah,’ The cheeky Essex lad added: ‘If it doesn’t work out with them two hopefully he’ll introduce me to her after… She’s naturally pretty, she’s well spoken, a bright girl.’

It was rumoured that Joey’s ex-girlfriend Sam Faiers might be entering the jungle, which may have scuppered the budding romance but thankfully, ITV have now confirmed that this is not the case. – Dailymail