Luminites & Pre Skool win Britain’s Got Talent 3rd semi-final

Luminites & Pre Skool win Britain’s Got Talent 3rd semi-final

The Luminites and Pre Skool are the next two acts to progress to the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent.

London vocal group Luminites progressed straight to the final after winning the most votes in the 3rd semi-final on Thursday night.Then it was up to the judges to choose between solo dancer Joseph Hall and Welsh dance troupe Pre Skool for the second place.David Walliams was torn but opted for the cute little dancers: ‘This is so hard. They both came out with such huge attack and energy and both gave such fantastic performances. I’m gonna say Pre Skool.

‘Alesha and Amanda both opted for Joseph, while Simon Cowell looked terrified of disappointing the eager faces of Pre Skool before him – who were made up of children aged five to eight.He said: ‘Joseph you were fantastic, Pre Skool you were amazing. I really am torn on this. I’m gonna take it to the public and vote for Pre Skool.’The split panel meant Pre Skool had received the most public votes so Joseph was in third place.

Also being sent home was illusionist Stevie Pink, dance troupe Freelusion, juggler Thomas Bounce, rapper MC Boy, Welsh singer Robbie Kennedy and soul singer Rosie O’Sullivan.Earlier, viewers have watched nine acts performing, with Simon complaining many of the acts felt amateurish.Meanwhile, also on the show was Simon’s X Factor USA colleague Demi Lovato.

The American singer performed her hit single Heart Attack live wearing a pair of shiny leggings, white top and blazer.Speaking to Ant and Dec afterwards, she said: ‘I do have the best fans that are right there.’I really liked the Luminites. I think they’re my favourite and I think they’ll go far. I want them for the American show.’She couldn’t resisted teasing Simon when Ant and Dec asked her what she was doing next.She smirked: ‘I’m doing a TV show with that old guy on the panel there. – DailyMail