Veena rocks Kolkata

Veena rocks Kolkata

Veena Malik Pictures

Recently, the Bollywood drama queen was seen promoting her upcoming movie ‘Zindagi 50-50’ in the hub of Kolkata where thousands of excited fans were seen wishing to take a glimpse of Malik in spite of heavy security.

Veena was spotted with co-star Rajan Verma at the Kolkata City Centre II Mall. Veena is also part of ‘The City That Never Sleeps’, a movie based on nightlife and is being produced by Satish Reddy and directed by Haroon Rashid.

“Kolkata is the city of joy and the real heart of the city lies in its people. I am glad to come to Kolkata and extremely happy to meet my lovely fans. I love the rassogolla of Bengal. I would like to thank West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who gives a good platform to Bollywood in Kolkata and is making Bengal progressive. I am here to promote my movie ‘Zindagi 50:50’ where I am playing a very challenging role and I hope that people would love it,” Veena said.

Veena is going gaga over the character in the film. She says the film is more based on a tragedy than boldness and sex. “The role I am playing in the film has a powerful character in it,” she said. – Dailytimes