Who has the best sex in America?

Who has the best sex in America?

Which part of the country has the best sex? Online dating site Love Again.com surveyed 18,000 people throughout the United States, and according to the results, it depends on whom you ask.

Despite the Midwest’s tame reputation, the people there have the highest sex drives in the nation at 53.5per cent (in Illinois, women score 60per cent). Sadly, this doesn’t translate into action: Only about one in 10 report that they do it once a week.Men and women from the Southwest rate themselves better in the bedroom than any other region – 56per cent think they have skills, compared to a national average of 53per cent – and women have a very high opinion of themselves at 67per cent.

But they clearly aren’t getting what they want, because Southwestern women are the least satisfied in bed. Take Texas, where the women score only 42per cent, even though 67per cent of Texan men are happy with the size of their package.The women of the West are a randy bunch: 59per cent of women claim that they have a high sex drive compared to a national average of 47per cent. Yet the men in the region say they are less satisfied with their sex lives than anywhere else, scoring just 32per cent.

People in the South seem to be all talk and no action. Men and women both rate themselves as better in bed than their partners, with 46per cent of men and 39per cent of women claiming that they outperform their other halves. But they also have the least amount of sex – a mere 10per cent say that they do it every seven days.North easterners have the opposite problem: People in this region have the most sex, with 25per cent of the population getting it on at least once a week. But they have the lowest sex drives of all (43per cent), with women scoring only 34.5per cent.

Do the women in this part of the country have self-esteem issues? Only 28per cent thought that they are better in bed than their lovers, compared to their male counterparts who scored 41.5per cent. Along with the geographical gap, there is also a gender gap: nearly 60per cent of women report that they are satisfied between the sheets, compared to only 47per cent of men.The good news is that 16per cent of the population is making time for sex at least once a week, with Saturday being the most popular day.  Except in the South, where they like to get frisky on Mondays. – DailyMail