What’s your signature orgasm style

What’s your signature orgasm style

 orgasm style
What’s your signature orgasm style

One of the biggest myths about female orgasm is that we all have the same type and experience.But as much as most orgasms follow a similar pattern, they vary enough between individuals for experts (like US sexologist Lou Paget and original researchers Hartmann, Fithian and Campbell) to claim we each have our very own ‘orgasm fingerprint’.

Your orgasm is as unique as your fingerprint.No-one else in the world experiences it quite like you – and understanding that simple fact could be the secret to upping the number of orgasms women have and making them more frequent.Why? It stops us from thinking we have to orgasm a certain way – through intercourse, for instance – to make our orgasm ‘real’.

Several factors seem to influence the intensity and frequency of female orgasm: the strength of the PC muscles, the sensitivity of the front vaginal wall – and the motivation to keep trying different stimulation and orgasm triggers.As a general rule, the more ways you’re able to orgasm the more likely you are to have multiple orgasms.Women who don’t force themselves to orgasm a certain way and instead let their body lead them, react naturally to all types of stimulation and have more.

Explore your ‘orgasm fingerprint’ by doing the following:

Kegel exercises: Toned kegels work better – pumping lots of blood to the pelvis (great for arousal) and making stronger contractions (giving longer, more intense orgasms)

Switch between types of stimulation: You’ve got more chance of having more than one orgasm if it’s via different means. Go from oral to intercourse, to him using his fingers to front wall stimulation.

Practise holding off: This is called ‘peaking’ – taking yourself almost to the point of orgasm, waiting until your arousal falls, then climbing back up again.This trains you to stay in a high state of excitement that not only increases the release of endorphins, it also teaches your body to stay in a practically permanent orgasmic pleasure zone, able to orgasm over and over.

Travel familiar roads: The more your brain travels a certain path neurologically, the more effortless it becomes.The more signposts of impending orgasm your brain can recognise, the easily it will trigger the orgasmic response. Most of us have a ‘pre-sleep’ ritual – we’ll clean our teeth, wash our faces, go to the loo – and all these signal to the brain it should get ready to sleep.

Pay attention to what your orgasm triggers are. Simple things set your brain on the right path: it might be the sound of your bedside drawer opening as you reach in to grab your vibrator or a certain noise you make when aroused.The more you’re aware of, the more likely your brain is to acknowledge them. – DailyMail