Denzel Washington reveals how he piled on the pounds for new movie Flight

Denzel Washington reveals how he piled on the pounds for new movie Flight

While most celebrities are always trying hard to lose weight and maintain heavenly bodies, Denzel Washington was happy to pile fat on.

The dashing American actor revealed to Graham Norton that he had to get seriously out of shape to play his current movie role.Denzel, 58, had to gain extra pounds to play Whip Whitaker in new film Flight, but he actually enjoyed transforming his good body into something more dumpy.Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, he said: ‘I can put on weight real easy. In fact for the movie what I did was eat really big meals at midnight. I loved it!’The double Oscar-nominated star also took some flight training to make his role as a pilot all the more convincing.Wearing a smart suit, he said: ‘I got in flight simulators which was great, and did mock take offs and virtual flight.’There was no need to learn how to land because we crashed the plane!’

Denzel also recalled when he worked with Tom Hanks on the film Philadelphia which saw Hanks drop weight to play the role of a man dying of AIDS.The jovial Washington revealed: ‘It was extreme, he was only eating 800 calories a day and was really skinny. ‘So we would do a scene and I would leave candy bars lying around and would have pizzas delivered to him. He thanked me when he won the Oscar!’

British actor Nicholas Hoult also joined Graham on the sofa as he discussed his new movie Warm Bodies.Nicholas, 23, explained that the romantic zombie comedy caused him great difficulty after he made a suggestion about hi character to the director.He said: ‘I thought about being hung over, you can’t really talk, you are groaning and you feel terrible.’I suggested to the director that a zombie probably wouldn’t blink, which was a poor decision as there were some long scenes. The real bonus is that I didn’t have to learn many lines.’ – DailyMail

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