Tom Daley of Show Splash Parties at Mahiki Nightclub

Tom Daley of Show Splash Parties at Mahiki Nightclub

He looked sombre as he partied at Mahiki nightclub following the second episode of his diving show Splash! on Saturday night.

So Tom Daley will surely be thrilled with the news that while the programme has been panned by critics, it has proved something of a ratings hit.According to the latest figures, Splash! was once again the most-watched Saturday night show for the second consecutive week, attracting 5.16million viewers, with 248,000 on ITV1+1.And while the ratings are down from last week’s premiere of 5.5million, it still roundly beat competitor Britain’s Brightest in the battle, with 4.08million tuning in to watch the BBC One show.

Meanwhile, 1.91million viewers tuned in to watch Celebrity Big Brother’s Fight Night on Channel 5.The news is sure to cheer up Tom, who looked somewhat despondent as he hit the nightspot on Saturday after a difficult night which saw his mum step in to defend him from critical British swimming chiefs.on Monday, British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes expressed concerns that such commercial commitments were taking time away from his training schedule.Sparkes said: ‘Tom is an incredibly talented young man, but he’s yet to acheive his full potential and it’s only going to get harder to achieve that Olympic gold medal as he gets older.

‘You can rest assured the next Chinese diving superstar will not have such distractions from training.’He should look at the example of skaters Torvill and Dean who waited until the end of their competitive careers before doing such programmes.’I’m concerned Tom is putting the cart before the horse and I’ve expressed those concerns to his agent.’It led to a stinging rebuke, published in Sportsmail, from Daley’s mum, Debbie, who pointed out that her son had probably kept Mr Sparkes in his job following a poor Olympics overall for British swimmers.

She also argued strongly that Daley had sacrificed a great deal in his preparations for the Olympics, including 18th birthday and A-Level celebrations.More drama behind the scenes came courtesy of Joey Essex, who has reportedly been keeping Caprice on her toes be confirming her fears that someone could die while taking part in the show.Caprice reportedly asked the TOWIE hunk if there was a possibility anyone could die in the show.Joey’s reply was a simple, but chilling, ‘Yes.’ – Dailymail