Glamour model Lacey Banghard strips off in CBB

Glamour model Lacey Banghard strips off in CBB

It had been a stressful night for glamour model Lacey Banghard, what with meeting all these strange celebrities and flirting up a storm with actor Sam Robertson.

And what better way to relax than stripping off infront of millions with the added bonus of bagging yourself some airtime?To be fair to CBB producers model Lacey, 20, was hardly being an oracle so perhaps she was just earning her generous pay check with her late-night dip.It started with the young model, who refutes any allegations she made up her surname, taking her see-through skirt off in the Igloo as she was swigging champagne.

Then the newly single stunner, who was 2011 Page 3 Idol, decided to go for a dip in what looked like her underwear.But she was not alone for long Lacey was soon gushing to Clare Richards and Tricia Penrose, both of whom kept their clothes on, saying: ‘I didn’t expect everyone to be so nice.’Hardened pop princess Clare simply replied: ‘Wait till the morning.’Before stripping Lacey managed to grab a few words with former Corrie star Sam Roberston through the barbed wire fence.

Although the scene was less romance and more prison visit Lacey kept the sexual tension to a high by asking Sam, 27, what he meant when he told host Brian Dowling he was ‘technically single’.The kilt-wearing Scotsman simply replied he was definitely single, before asking the question that has been on most people’s lips since she set foot on CBB.Sam asks Lacey about her surname of Banghard and thinks she has made it up. ‘I’m not intelligent enough to think that up,’ she characteristically giggled.

Lacey revealed she was also single, but just recently have been in a relationship since I was 16.And the stunner added she became a glamour model after being spotted on a beach when she was just 18.Meanwhile footballer turned reality star Neil Razor Ruddock is in the basement diary room and tells Big Brother that he has slept in worse places than the basement and worries that his snoring ‘might drive people mental.’ He mentions that his first impression is that two of his group is ‘playing a game.’

Big Brother asks him to name the people but Razor is reluctant adding: ‘One lady and one man.’ He continues, ‘It’s a bit strange that they would prefer to be locked in the room than get some fresh air, this is a game. I’ve seen the show before, I don’t trust you lot,’ he smiles. – DailyTimes