Kim Kardashian wears skin clinging dress to distract fans from unsightly lip sore

Kim Kardashian wears skin clinging dress to distract fans from unsightly lip sore

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian wears skin clinging dress to distract fans from unsightly lip sore

With her myriad business interests, not to mention the little business of her reality show, Kim Kardashian couldn’t be busier.

So when she developed an unsightly lip sore she knew just how to distract her fans.Rather than hide herself away, busy Kim simply unleashed her curves – donning a super tight clinging dress.The reality star made sure no one was looking at her blemish as she stepped out in the revealing outfit on Monday.But just in case their gaze did accidentally wander upwards she slapped on a thick layer of face paint to hide the mark.Kim was joined by her friend, Spin City reality star Jonathan Cheban, as she filmed her reality show in Miami.And she even took the opportunity to switch outfits, also wearing a tight pair of leggings and a colourful top.

It was a different story on Sunday when the busy reality star stepped off an 18-hour flight in  Miami.Tired looking Kim revealed a painful-looking large sore on her upper lip, along with blemishes on her chin.Dressed down Kim had tied her hair back in a simple bun for her flight, while she wore a simple and conservative outfit of black trousers and white blazer.It wouldn’t be surprising if Kim were feeling a little under the weather.

The reality star had just stepped off an 18 hour flight – which even in first class is bound to be a strain. She jokingly tweeted: ’18 hour flight…fun!’Adding to the stress on her body the reality star was returning from a three-day whirlwind tour of the Gulf, in which she opened milkshake shops in Kuwait and Bahrain.It was just the latest long haul flight for permanently jet lagged Kim. In recent weeks she has visited Italy, London and Los Angeles.

But there isn’t likely to be much of a break for Kim, who is in the midst of filming her new reality show, Kourtney And Kim Take Miami.Kim suffers from the skin condition psoriasis, and on her reality show has previously talked about how she uses makeup to disguise the effects.The hereditary disease was passed down from her mother Kris Jenner.

And while the condition is incurable, the best way to manage it is to lead a ‘slower-paced life.’ However busy Kim has conceded that this is impossible, adding: ‘People don’t understand the pressure on me to look perfect.’But while she may be exhausted, at least Kim will get a warm welcome in Miami, with sisters Khloe and Kourtnbey both in town this weekend.She will also be looking forward to catching up with her boyfriend Kanye West, having tweeted: ‘I miss you so much,’ to her lover while she was away. – Dailymail