Victoria Beckham got the skinny gene as she steps out in a pair of wide-legged jeans

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham got the skinny gene as she steps out in a pair of wide-legged jeans

Cheryl Cole recently revealed that during her brief friendship with Victoria Beckham, the mother-of-four admitted that she was happy being thin.

And still content with her slender frame, Victoria was pictured on Monday in New York showing off her tiny limbs in a pair of bell bottoms.In the company of a group of friends, the 38-year-old stepped out in style as she ran a few errands.Switching things up from her usual monochrome ensembles, Victoria wore a brown silk shirt which was embellished with images of red roses.Wearing her number one accessory, the fashionista hid her eyes behind a pair of large sunglasses and allowed her loosely curled hair to fall at her shoulders.

Victoria, who has overcome scrutiny for her weight in the past, looked quite tiny as she teetered along in a her wide-legged jeans which she no doubt teamed with a pair of stylish stilettos.Cheryl Cole and Victoria spent several days together hanging out in Baden Baden, Germany during the 2006 World Cup.After they bonded over being pop stars married to footballers, the two separated themselves from the other WAGs, which included Coleen Rooney, Elen Rivas, Toni Terry and Carly Cole.

At the time, Cheryl was engaged to Ashley Cole, while Victoria was married and had three sons with England captain David.Speaking about their time together in her autobiography My Story, Cheryl said Victoria had hardened herself to scrutiny over her weight, insisting she was pleased with her skinny frame.When Cheryl asked the Spice Girl about her weight, Victoria replied: ‘When they say, I’m too thin, I just think: “You know what? I’m happy to be thin. I’m into fashion and I like being able to wear whatever I like. It’s my business, and if other people don’t like it, that’s their business.”‘

Victoria also told Cheryl how she had hardened herself to the media attention surrounding her and David: ‘How do I cope? I cope because I have to, because it’s the way my life is.’I’m hardened to it. I know how I’m perceived is not how I am, and that’s what matters.’On Monday, Victoria uploaded a picture of her arm to Twitter as she donned a bracelet which was covered in pictures of herself and her one-year-old daughter Harper.The doting mother, who actively uses the micro-blogging site to keep her fans and fashion followers up to date, accompanied the image with a curious caption.Along with the snap which shows her wearing the custom-made bangle with a thin gold linked chain, she wrote: ‘Who knew? X vb’.