Kate Moss covers head with jumper and chest with veil

Kate Moss
Kate Moss covers head with jumper and chest with veil

Kate Moss showed she still has her fashion edge as she posed semi-nude for the latest issue of LOVE magazine.

In an typical unorthodox photoshoot, Kate, 38, covered her head nun-style with a white Prada jumper, but revealed her naked chest which was covered by just a sheer chiffon veil. She also wore an 18ct white gold necklace in the shoot which took place in Houghton Hall, the Norfolk home of 18th century Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole.With a modelling career spanning over two decades, Kate is still one of the world’s most sought-after models.

The 38-year-old appears fresh-faced in the photographic essay entitled ‘A Romp Through Houghton Hall’, a look somewhat helped by her bleached out eyebrows.The pictures were taken by Tim Walker and styled by the magazine’s editor-in-chief Katie Grand.Kate recently attended the opening of the photographer’s exhibition in Somerset House.Tim and Kate have been working together for years, and the photographer recently praised the model’s career in an interview with Grazia.

‘I think she is the best thing ever. She came onto the scene right after an army of supermodels and you have to admire her longevity,’ he told the magazine.’The fact that she has survived and has become the most beautiful model in the world.”I think that is incredible. She has stuck with her uniqueness and made it work. – Dailymail