Dancing with the stars: The Baywatch beauty steals the show

Dancing with the stars: The Baywatch beauty steals the show

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson may have vowed to give up men during her stint on Dancing With the Stars, but if she looks as good as this throughout the competition… she’ll have to fight them off.

The Baywatch bombshell beauty filmed a segment of Dancing With The Stars Brazil on the popular Caldeirao do Huck Show with TV host Luciano Huck in a devastatingly gorgeous orange two-piece.But it’s the 45-year-old’s birthday suit which is the really arresting look.Pammie looked to be in stunning form in the unforgiving two-piece, with her toned abs particularly worthy of gasps of admiration.Still, the pneumatic blonde isn’t going to be sharing her gorgeous form with anyone soon.

‘I’m being tested,’ Anderson told USA TODAY.’It’s hard when you have a sweaty man pressed up against you every day. I feel lascivious. But I’m trying, I’m trying.’The star pledged vowed to eschew men during the upcoming all-star edition of the show.Her dance partner Tristan MacManus makes it ‘harder,’ she added.

‘Trust me, I could chew through a table right now.’Irishman MacManus, 30, has danced with Nancy Grace and singer Gladys Knight in previous seasons of DWTS and earned instant heartthrob status with his charm and looks.And he first caught the eye of Pammie’s mother, Carol: ‘We were talking about partners and it was my mother who said, ‘I hope you get Tristan, because he’s sexy. You’ll like him.”And here I am. (My mother) is so excited. She’s coming to the first show.’ – Dailymail