Veena in Finland to support women’s rights

women’s rights
Veena in Finland to support women’s rights

First time Bollywood starlet Veena Malik showed her interest in arts as she went to Finland to collaborate with Finnish renowned visual artist Vesa Kivinen.

Together they will create five varied art pieces that focus into finding common ground and beauty over the usually promoted differences between the East and the West. It is the first collaborated painting of Vesa Kevinen and Veena which will be the first and the last of its kind.

“I feel very glad that Finnish renowned visual artist Vesa Kivinen called me to work with him. I didn’t come here just for the love of art but the main motive behind is to support women rights.”

Veena and Vesa’s collaborated art profits will go towards a charitable organisation promoting women’s rights in Pakistan. Veena has always come forward to support different charitable trusts including WHO. Vesa Kivinen is best known in Finland for his collaboration with Leif Segerstam’s “Völvan” symphony, and his charity project with Miss Finland Noora Hautakangas. – Dailytimes