Forward-thinking model Kate Moss

kate moss
kate moss

Kate Moss is always ‘ahead of the game’, says her hairdresser James Brown.

The British supermodel has been working with James for over 20 years and the pair are close friends. James has been responsible for many of Kate’s most famous styles, but he has revealed that she often comes up with ideas for new haircuts herself.

‘The thing about Kate is she’s fearless and always ahead of the game. She gets inspiration from everywhere – old pictures of her heroines, a pair of shoes, an incredible vintage gown… they can all spark a new look. Looking back, we’ve done it all!’ he told the UK edition of Glamour.

Kate has sported a variety of hairstyles, from a Mia Farrow-inspired crop to long flowing golden locks.James has recalled persuading Kate to let him cut her hair into a blunt, shorter look in 2000.’It was a snap decision. I just said, ‘I want to cut all your hair off!’’ he laughed. ‘The press went mad over it. And at the Gucci show in Milan that year, they did all the models’ hair to match.’ – MSN