Rose Byrne: I loved disgusting outfit

Rose Byrne
Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne fell in love with jumpsuits after buying a ‘really disgusting’ one at a flea market.

The Bridesmaids actress has chosen to wear all-in-one pieces to industry events in the past and has explained how her love affair with such pantsuit was born. Rose’s first jumpsuit purchase was not her best, but it sparked her obsession with the clothing item.

‘I love a jumpsuit. I remember I was at a flea market in LA… and I got a jumpsuit there, a really disgusting polyester, black, classic ’70s jumpsuit, about five or six years ago,’ Rose told Harpers Bazaar’s The Look blog. ‘Then that was it!’

The brunette’s jumpsuit choices have got more glamorous since her first buy. She famously wore a tailored number to the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild Awards this year, which was seen as controversial. Rose finds it surprising that in modern day life the fact she didn’t opt for the traditional floor length gown worn by Hollywood actresses was frowned upon.’I never imagined it would be such a controversy for a woman to wear pants in the year 2012!’ Rose explained. – MSN