Blake Lively: New shoot was tough

Blake Lively

Blake Lively says being shackled for her new movie was ‘rough’.The actress is currently promoting the crime thriller Savages.

Her character is involved in several controversial scenes, including taking part in a threesome and being kidnapped.Some sequences saw Blake being tied up and tortured, which proved to be a struggle for the star.’Being shackled was rough, because you’re sitting in a cage with black-out windows for weeks and the first day they’re painting on cuts and bruises, but by the second day they’re covering them up because you have too many real cuts and bruises,’ she explained to Total Film.

‘The people that are slapping you are people that have never acted before, and Oliver [Stone, director] says, ‘OK, slap her,’ and they whack you across the face and you have a migraine all day.’Blake is famously private about her love life. The 25-year-old star is currently believed to be dating Ryan Reynolds and has joked people should watch her new movie if they want to see what she is like as a girlfriend.’There are some things that I like to keep for me. If you want to think about me and love, watch me in love with two men in this movie. It’s very exciting because you get double,’ she laughed. – MSN