Veena Malik back with Ramadan show

Veena Malik Astaghfaar show

LAHORE: The controversial Pakistani model-actor Veena Malik is back to host Hero TV show “Astaghfaar” which was called off after a barrage of protests on social media.

The channel had previously decided not to on-air the show featuring Veena Malik due to a public outcry. “TV is for the awaam. If the awaam does not want to see Veena Malik on this Ramadan show, then we will cancel it,” a member of the production team was quoted as saying. However, now the channel has taken the risk of airing the “Astaghfaar” show hosted by Veena Malik in order to cover up the losses which they had to bear because of dropping Malik.

A four-minute short clip is available on Youtube in which the actor is seen hosting the show along with a religious scholar. People are yet to react but Ms. Malik is very excited about her comeback. She was quoted as saying, “I am very happy that my show Astaghfar is going to be on air. I thank Allah for giving me the opportunity to host this show. It is people’s loves which has brought me back on the show.” – PT