Khloé Kardashian eager to cut hair

Khloé Kardashian eager to cut hair

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian has joked that her husband and brother should sleep with ‘one eye open’ thanks to her enthusiasm with hair clippers.

The reality TV star took to her Twitter page to share her newfound passion for hair cutting. Khloé admitted husband Lamar Odom and younger brother Rob are yet to appreciate her beauty hobby.’Rob and Lamar don’t trust me with clippers… They better sleep with one eye opened. LOL (sic),’ she teased on the social networking site.

Khloé had previously tweeted about her supportive friend Malika. She admits her long-time pal is the only person who is willing to let Khloé experiment.’Hummmmm I really need @ForeverMalika to come back so I can work on my hair cutting skills… She’s the only one who let’s me play (sic),’ she joked.Obviously aware of her lack of willing clients, many of Khloé’s Twitter followers came forward to volunteer their tresses for her to practice on.

The 28-year-old star told them to think long and hard about their decisions though, as she is yet to make much of an improvement.’So many of my twitter friends want me to cut their hair 🙂 yay! You have time to change your mind (sic),’ she wrote, before replying to a number of fan tweets. – MSN