Katy Perry ‘exercises hard’


Katy Perry exercises hard

Katy Perry’s workouts are so hard they ‘knock her out’.

The American singer’s close friend and stylist Johnny Wujek has promised her fans she works hard to look so good. The stunning star – who boasts enviable curves – exercises regularly and really gives it her all when she’s in the gym. ‘We work out a lot. On tour she’s always dancing and she has a trainer with her every day. He totally knocks her out,’ Johnny revealed.

Katy is happy to give any outfit Johnny suggests a try. The 27-year-old songstress is also confident with her body and doesn’t mind if people see her when she isn’t wearing that much.’She’s one of the most confident people I know. She walks around naked all the time. She says, ‘All the straight guys, get out.’ The rest of us, she doesn’t care! But she’s also surprisingly conservative – she’s turned down lots of naked shoots,’ he explained to Look magazine. ‘Her body is perfect. It’s natural – she’s just a real woman, but her boobs are perfect.’-MSN