Wes Anderson: My work mirrors icons’

Wes Anderson: My work mirrors icons’

Director Wes Anderson

Director Wes Anderson recognises that much of his aesthetic derives from the visions of legendary filmmakers.

Wes was nominated for an Academy Award for his 2001 film The Royal Tenenbaums and is praised for his highly individualistic directorial style.His latest feature Moonrise Kingdom is equally singular to Wes’ tastes, but the filmmaker attributes his approach to his Hollywood predecessors.

‘Kubrick is definitely one of my favourites,’ he told The Hollywood Reporter. ‘But usually by the time I’m making a movie, I don’t really know where I’m stealing from. So by the time I make the movie, I think, ‘oh, this is my thing’.”But I think I’m always pretty influenced by Kubrick. And Roman Polanski and John Huston and Martin Scorsese – guys whose way with the camera I feel like I’m always taking something from.’

Wes acknowledges his filmmaking weaknesses.

‘Brian De Palma is one of my favourite directors ever, and has such the most sophisticated visual style of anybody,’ he declared. ‘But Brian De Palma is somebody who can take a giant complicated action sequence and say, I know precisely how to execute this. I’m a completely different kind of moviemaker — and the basic crucial talents of that are precisely what I lack, probably.’ – MSN