Living it up in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

LAHORE – Well known for his high flying-lifestyle, even prior to the current  scandal, Dr Arsalan Chaudhry’s trip to Monte Carlo in particular has attracted  the media’s glare as it features prominently in Malik Riaz’s allegations.

On this particular trip, Dr Arsalan stayed in the city for 4 days in July 2010.  His stay was at the swanky Hotel de Paris, known for its high class services  and consistently figuring in various lists of the top hotels of the world. As  per the documents presented by Malik Riaz in the Supreme Court, an amount of Rs  22, 84, 829/- was paid on tickets and  tour expenses while a sum of Rs 65, 75, 750/- was splurged on accommodations, transportations, vehicles and shopping.

Dr Arsalan was not alone in this tour, he was accompanied by Ahmed Khalil, Malik Riaz’s business partner, and a woman whose name has been withheld for reasons of propriety. Besides living in a plush hotel and enjoying the finest it had to offer, shopping and, apparently, gambling were also part of this trip. Dr Arsalan lost almost 10,000 Euros in gambling, or that’s what has been presented in the documents. Proving the authenticity of these allegations and corresponding evidence is a matter that will be decided in either the courtroom or any other investigative organ the court orders to do its bidding. -Pakistantoday