The evil queen is crazy: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

LOS ANGELES: Julia Roberts says the evil queen she plays in ‘Mirror Mirror’ ‘is crazy’. She’s best known for her roles in ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Erin Brokovich’, among others.

 Julia Roberts, the woman with the million-dollar smile was most recently seen in the comedic adaptation of the classic fairy tale ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, ‘Mirror Mirror’, as the evil queen. “The evil queen is such a great character and so crazy too. Director Tarsem Singh really gave us a playground to let us do what we wanted. It was fun to play this villain, because there aren’t real rules of syntax or reality that apply to her. I could do anything, and just go off the rails in any direction at any time, and it would make sense to me.

It was fun to say whatever awful thing popped into my head. Those bits where I improvised lines from real life were my favourite from the film. It was like my little dream come true,” says the actor about her role. In the film, the evil queen goes to great lengths to remain youthful. Naturally, the question that comes is if Julia herself needs a lot of care to stay the way she is. “My family keeps me looking young and good. You’ve got to keep up with your maintenance, right? It’s just happiness and the love of a good man. I think that keeps you. I’ve got my Prince Charming, I’m good,” she said. – PT