‘I refused to get intimate with Paoli’

‘I refused to get intimate with Paoli’

Bengali actress Paoli Dam

Apparently, there is a reason why Nikhil Dwivedi chose not to play the baddie in Bengali actress Paoli Dam’s Bollywood debut.

Word is already out that Bengali siren Paoli Dam’s new film revolves around the actress seeking revenge from a man (played by Gulshan Devaiah) who had once wronged her.Now we hear that Nikhil Dwivedi, who plays Paoli’s close friend in the film was actually offered Gulshan’s role first.Apparently, the Shor In The City actor declined the role as it required him to do many explicitly intimate scenes with Paoli.

We ask him if he refused the offer because he didn’t want to offend his then- fiancée Gaurie, Nikhil declines to comment, maintaining, “As an actor, I’m happy with the scope for performance my character gave me.”Surprisingly, the actor himself is missing from most of the publicity posters of the film as the promotion is focused more on Paoli than anyone else. Nikhil brushes it off saying, “That’s because her character is the selling point of the story.”

We wonder if he is getting a raw deal in the film and Nikhil dismisses it, pointing out that the crux of the film is about Paoli seeking revenge.“I’m playing her close friend who secretly loves her. I’m proud of the way Vikram’s (Bhatt) script has shaped up. And Vivek’s (Agnihotri, director) aesthetic sense of shooting, ” he says enthusiastically. – Santabanta