Mathira’s fashion week wardrobe malfunction

Fashion Pakistan Week

The late night show host Mathira does not feel it grungy that her top fell down while she was walking the ramp for Fashion Pakistan Week 3.

The koochie koochie girl Mathira better knows to handle awkward situations, so as she kept on walking despite her top going down. Mathira faced a wardrobe malfunction that left her partialy exposed as her white top slipped down when she was modeling on fashion runway. Well! The blunt queen is witty enough to cope with the situation.

She carried on as if all is ok, leaving the crowd and cameras on a strip tease. Later on, Mathira shrugged off the fashion faux pass on twitter, writing, “Yeah so what if my top fell down. S*** happens at fashion week.” Oh Mathira, if nothing else, we love you for your fortitude. – PT