Leisure Club’s 15-yr celebration

Leisure Club’s 15-yr celebration

Leisure Club

Leisure Club welcomed 4,000 families to their Fashion Circus, in town for one day only, to celebrate the brands’ 15th anniversary!

The Leisure Club Circus was led by Ring Master Shaan Lashari and showcased over 162 performers, men women, and kids – all under the Circus’ Majestic Big Top tent! The entourage of performers included, flying trapeze artists, acrobats, flame throwers, jugglers, dancers, magicians, knife throwers, balancing acts, marksmanship/nishanaybaaz, roller juggling, gymnasts and spinners.

Leisure Club proudly supported Pakistani talent and performing artists and to this end, every act, model and team that is part of their Fashion Circus was a local talent brought together by Leisure Club.

To make the Leisure Club Fashion Circus happen, the LC team had juggled vivid colours, acrobatically crafted their denims and literally tamed wild, psychedelic beasts! It was a never-seen before amalgamation of a mega fashion show with all the tricks and wiles of the Circus folk. At the family fashion event, Leisure Club showcased their urban Western Spring/Summer 2012 collection that was bold, bright and unrestrained and based on three new lines: the circus spring line, the angry bird line and core colour blocking line, which hit stores this March.

In addition, Leisure Club unveiled a limited edition Hi-tech T-shirt line with a surprise performance by Quadrum and the V- Boys led by choreographer Veer. The performers dazzled the audience in their shiny and shimmery costumes – all designed and made by the creative team at Leisure Club.