Shah Rukh won’t romance Katrina?

Shah RukhThe unthinkable is finally happening or so we assumed. In a casting coup of sorts, when Yash Chopra announced SRKKatrina as his next leading couple, rumour mongers started speculating the ‘side-effects’ of this volatile pairing.

Until recently, when zoOm quizzed SRK about acting with Katrina, and he had a shocking revelation. Instead of answering questions about Kat, all he said was, “It’s Yash Chopra’s directorial venture, Anushka is my leading lady.” He avoided talking about the other lovely lady in the film and brushed the questions off. Well, SRK’s ‘No Comment’ only gets us more curious… And you can’t blame us for it!For more Bollywood news and gossip, keep watching Planet Bollywood News every night at 7, only on zoOm – India’s No 1 Bollywood channel.