PTV awards Ten Sports sub-license for broadcasting ICC events for 2012-2015

PTV awards Ten Sports sub-license for broadcasting ICC events for 2012-2015

Ten Sports awardedISLAMABAD: The bid evaluation committee of the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) declared Taj TV’s (Ten Sports) bid as successful for acquiring sub-licensed rights from PTV for exclusive rights and shared cable sub-license for the ICC cricket broadcast rights for 2012-2015, subject to completion of formalities with the stipulated period.

The biding process was carried out by a four members evaluation committee of the PTV Board of Directors. The committee, consisting of 3 ex-officio senior government officials and the Managing Director of PTV conducted the bidding process in pursuance of a judgment from December 13 of the Lahore High Court which called for PTV to issue fresh tenders.

The committee had held its meetings on December 22, December 27 and December 31. The committee also considered the bids submitted by Independent Media Group (petitioners in the LHC case) and Taj TV as well as other prerequisites and subject to formalities to be completed by the prospective bidders.      In the initial bids submitted on December 22, both parties failed to provide a satisfactory bid in terms of value or to fulfilling necessary prerequisite, formalities and conditions.

Due to this, both parties were provided an equal opportunity to submit fresh bids on December 27, with all formalities fulfilled and requirements in order for their bids to be treated as valid and acceptable to the bid evaluation committee.

Taj TV (Ten Sports) had submitted an initial bid of US$ 15 million while IMG SMC Pvt (Geosuper) bid US$ 5 million. On December 27, upon fulfilling formalities, Taj TV(Ten sports) maintained their earlier bid and refused to submit a fresh bid on December 27 for consideration. In light of this, Taj Tv (Ten Sports) bid was been declared successful by the committee and both parties were notified of the outcome of the bidding process. All relevant reasons are being shared with both parties. – Thetribune