4084: ‘Hawa Hawa’ flies to Bollywood

4084: ‘Hawa Hawa’ flies to Bollywood

4084 Hawa HawaKARACHI: Rumours of Hassan Jahangir’s “Hawa Hawa” featuring in a Bollywood film have finally been confirmed. Director Hriday Shetty’s latest film titled 4084 (Chaalis Chaurasi) is going to feature a remixed version of the original “Hawa Hawa” sung by Hassan Jahangir.

The film is about four brainless cops, who in their efforts to complete a mission, make complete fools out of themselves. 4084 stars Naseeruddin Shah, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Ravi Kishan.

Jahangir who has recently returned from Mumbai is keeping his fingers crossed for now. “I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but by the grace of God things have worked out well uptill now,” Jahangir told The Express Tribune.

Jahangir was going through a bad phase in life recently — the reason of which he doesn’t want to disclose — but he is very happy for the way things have turned out for him. “I am glad that finally ‘Hawa Hawa’ is going to Bollywood and that too in a film that has an unorthodox story and legendary star cast,” says Jahangir.

Jahangir is working on a couple of new projects which he doesn’t want to talk about, but still owes a lot to Shetty and his efforts for reviving his song.“Things have always worked in my favour and will hopefully continue to do so. As far as my age is concerned, like all the artists in the world, I’m still 28 at heart and love making music,” says the singer. – Tribune