Bigg Boss 6 will just go nude: Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi SawantIn Bigg Boss season 5, fights and abuses are flying thick and fast with Pooja Missra, Siddharth and Akashdeep Saigal going berserk without much provocation.

General talks in the celebrity house mostly veer from sex to past affairs with character assassination being the inmates’ fave sport. Guess, who is most miffed with this sordid state of affairs? Our very own desi item gal Rakhi Sawant!

Voh karen to leela!
Rakhi, who has participated in one of the earlier seasons of Bigg Boss, says: “When I and Kashmera Shah fought with each other and screamed loudly, people were aghast! They called us all kinds of names. But now, just see how low most of these loud inmates are stooping; and people are still allowing them to stay by voting for them! Yeh to wahi baat hui ki voh karen to leela, hum karen to balatkar!”

From bad to worse
The lady known for her candid comments says that things will deteriorate with each passing day. “In coming days, the audiences will get to see the facade being removed completely from the faces of even the so-called polite people,” says Rakhi, and adds: “the way things are going, I really feel the Bigg Boss 6 will just go nude! Voh din zyada door nahin hai,” says she. – TOI