A Pearl: Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld

Pnina Tornai collection 2011The most beautiful creations are born into this world from hearts that carry sorrow” was the sentiment on which bridal gown designer Pnina Tornai created her 2012 collection, as she dedicated the show, which took place on Monday, Oct. 17, in New York, to her deceased mother.

With memories of both her mother and grandmother always being well dressed and adorned by precious pearls – “the more the better,” as she put it – Israeli native Tornai created a collection that was decadent and luxurious. Upcoming brides can save themselves the hassle of searching for that perfect necklace, or back necklace for that matter, as these dresses had upper body glitz and sparkle all of their own. And with fully open and dropped back styles, the layered pearls and crystals were just the right touch and a pleasant addition to a bareback look.

Resembling the abyss from which they ascend, these pearled and jeweled creations mimicked an ocean surface shimmer, of waves and small tides reflecting off the sun, making some ensembles hard to look at directly as the runway spotlights reflected their rainbow prisms.

Tornai, who is in-house designer for wedding dress retailer Kleinfeld, also appealed to a more organic bride with her plain mermaid gowns matched with pearlized shell boleros. Sheath dresses with jewel encrusted edges carried a sophistication and elegance befitting a queen or princess. Very appropriate for any bride on her big day. – Yahoonews