Think tank reveals fashion brands’ secrets to digital success

fashion brandsL2, a company that conducts research on digital business innovation, has released a study on the most web-savvy designers.

Burberry, which this week reported a 30-percent revenue rise for the first half of the financial year mainly due to a boom in the Chinese market, came out on top — “proof that digital investments translate to shareholder value,” according to L2.Judging from its analysis, it is safe to say that those brands that connected the dots between social media and e-commerce fared best in the ranking. Cultivating something extra, like Burberry’s music division for instance, resulted in one of the top spots.

Released this week, the report’s top ten also include Kate Spade thanks to the highest social media score, Gucci with its shoppable video content and recent Tumblr launch, and Tory Burch whose Facebook store leads the “fashion F-commerce (r)evolution.”Hugo Boss’s interactive YouTube channel, Louis Vuitton’s Amble travel app (and a leading performance on Foursquare), as well as Donna Karan’s social media personality DKNY PR Girl (who’s up for a Mashable award from the tech website) also resulted in high scores in the ranking. – Yahoonews