Pak hairstylists perform in Miss Universe Pageant

KARACHI: It is for the first time in the history of the Subcontinent that two Pakistani hairstylists were selected to make hairstyle of candidates who took part in the Miss Universe Pageant 2011 held recently in Sao Paulo, Brazil.Those selected for the contest were: Angelina Mary Marshall, known as Angie Marshal, and Sonia John.Talking to Daily Times here on Sunday after return from Brazil, Marshall said that apart from all other aspects, it was an honour for her to brighten the image of Pakistan in the world.

Marshall said that she was astonished when she learnt that her fellows had the concept that all women in Pakistan remained behind veil and did nothing but stayed free at homes.Marshall further said that she was impressed by the polite behaviour of her fellows and contestants on the occasion. She also thanked Pharmako Pakistan for help in this regard. Marshal belongs to Angie’s Salon and Sonia John to Style Station. They participated under the patronage of Pharmako Pakistan, which was exclusive distributor of Farouk System Inc USA for all of their brands including CHI and BioSilk.

It is pertinent to mention here that Farouk Systems was one of the prime sponsors of the Miss Universe Pageant 2011.Sonia while expressing her views said that it was an honour for her to represent her country in the international contest. “I was much exited to go there,” she said. Sonia said that she found there that Pakistanis were not less than any one. She further said that she was very thankful to her supporters.

Commenting on the participation of Pakistani hairstylists, Pharmako Pakistan CEO Sajjad Naqvi said, “It is the first time that someone from Pakistan participated in this most glamorous event, which is not only a matter of pride for us, but also for our talent.” It is pertinent to mention here that it was being guessed that bout 10 billion people. – Dailytimes