Karachi Fashion Week to be held from Oct 6

KARACHI: A Karachi Fashion Week would be organised in the metropolis from Oct 6. An official of the Triple-E Private Limited announced this here on Tuesday, the organisers of the event. It was pointed out that the Ministry of Textile Industry and the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce Industry declared the 3rd edition of Karachi Fashion Week 2011 as an official event. The statement said that fashion weeks the world over have become the focal point for international textile, garment and fashion-buying houses where the host country showcases its textile, leather, footwear, and fashion-related products.

These fashion events not only promote the exports of the countries’ finished products but also strengthen the country’s fashion-related and cottage industries. According to organisers, the objective of the Karachi Fashion Week is to upgrade the status of the textile and fashion industry of Pakistan and to attract foreign investment in the country. – Dailytimes