Smackdown? Humble pie? Not in Murdoch’s NY Post

The New York Post, which usually reports the humiliation of the powerful with gleefully pun-filled headlines and outlandish photo montages, whiffed on the chance to make a splash with the News Corp chairman’s testimony on Tuesday before the British parliament.

The news was buried on Page 35, leaving the online version of Vanity Fair to come up with its own satire of how the Post might have covered the story if News Corp did not own the famed tabloid and if Murdoch weren’t listed as chairman on the newspaper’s masthead.

A spokeswoman for the Post had no immediate comment on how the paper covered the boss’s big day, when millions of television viewers saw a man splatter him with a foam pie to the face and Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng, lash out at the man with an open-handed swipe.

Vanity Fair showed an imagined Post cover with the headline “News of the Hurled! What the FOX? Rupe takes shaving cream pie during wobbly UK testimony.” A secondary headline was “Deng Fever! Whup-ass Wendi defends octogenarian hubby.” – Dailytimes