Veena Malik’s dramas beat all records

Believe it or not but she has literally broken all records of being fake and drama queen for the sake of desperate publicity and fame. Any guesses, whom I am talking about! Fashion Central reports.Yes, it’s none other than Veena Malik, who lives in Pakistan and never has bothered to give even a little charity to people who died and became homeless in flood last year! And never has shown her sad sentiments about the current miserable situation in Karachi! But oh-so-worried about Mumbai blasts!

Veena Malik says, “India is my second home, I belong to India,” and adds: “I heard about the blasts early on because my friends in Mumbai texted me about this gory act. I was so upset and I had tears in my eyes when I heard about the Mumbai blasts. It is such a despicable, cowardly and deplorable act, which can’t be condemned in words.

”I wonder if these are real sentiments or she is just faking up to make her position in India! No doubt the horrible act can’t be condemned in words but showing off sentiments to such an extent seems absurd and disgusting!Veena Malik, I think you better leave Pakistan and make India your first home as we can’t bear your dramas anymore! – Dailytimes