Rebecca Black to release new single

LOS ANGELES: Rebecca Black, the 14 year-old singer whose song “Friday” was ridiculed for being inane until it made her a YouTube sensation, is looking to keep her pop culture star from fading with a new single.Black will release “My Moment” on July 18 in a music video on YouTube, her representatives said in a statement.The song is written by Brandon “Blue” Hamilton, who previously co-produced a Justin Bieber song, and another writer named Quinton Tolbert, according to the statement.The video depicts Black’s overnight rise to fame, with footage of Black receiving an award at her junior high school interspersed with more glamorous occasions, such as her appearances at movie premieres.Black’s low-budget song and video “Friday,” which the California teen made with a boutique record label, generated 167 million views on YouTube before it was removed from the website last month as a result of her dispute with the label.In her “Friday” video, Black sings gleefully about the weekend as she rides in a car with friends. The lyrics include the words “fun, fun, think about fun.”The video received a flood of negative comment. The website Gawker asked “Is this the worst music video ever?” and the site Dlisted called it a “bullet to your sense of hearing. – Nation