Five songs that captivated listeners’ hearts

Five songs that captivated listeners’ hearts

LAHORE: Music provokes imagination, has the ability to cheer up people when they are in a bad mood, and is fun to hear irrespective of the genre or language of the song.English songs are not understood at the grass-root level but they are worth listening as several of them have meaningful lyrics and rhythmic tunes. Artists muster their feelings, life experiences and creativity to produce a song of less than five minutes and only a few of them get the attention of music lovers around the world.Five English songs made it to the top this year, were vastly downloaded over the Internet, their albums purchased from music stores and played by radio stations in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.The songs include ‘On The Floor’ by Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pittbull, ‘Just Cant get Enough’ by The Black Eyed Peas, ‘Rolling In the Deep’ by Adele, ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars and ‘Written in The Stars’ by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner.People for different reasons liked the songs as each one had a different beat, lyrics and music combinations.

The song ‘On the Floor’ by the famous singer Jennifer Lopez was a massive success all across the world as it gave the message of ‘enjoying and partying’. The song was also a huge hit across all the major cities of the country, including the capital Islamabad. The prime musical composition of the song ‘On The Floor’ has been taken from the song named ‘Lambada’, which came out in 1989. Listeners say that the song gives a pleasant feeling and kindles them to enjoy life even if they are alone.

The second song ‘Just Cant Get Enough’ by the hip hop music band Black Eyed Peas reached to the top five on the music bulletins of several countries across the world. The song was sung by four four singers , Taboo, Apl de and Fergie and its video was recorded in Tokyo. The song is different and addictive, say the listeners.

‘Rolling in the Deep’ by artist Adele was an instant hit of the year. Many people with sore love relationships were hooked to the song for weeks. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a British singer/songwriter and is only 23 years old. She started her career by posting her videos on MySpace, which were seen by a recording company, who eventually offered Adele a music deal. The song ‘Rolling In The Deep’ was well received by critics all over the world, whereas several domestic celebrities too fell in love with the song. “People can relate to the lyrics of many songs but this track is just marvellous as it seems to be coming from the heart of a girl who had been rejected in love,” a fashion model, seeking anonymity, told Daily Times.

Separately, ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars is actually a fun song. It describes the inner feeling of a person when he/she wants to escape chores and the petty daily routines. The song was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine and K’naan and was produced by The Smeezingtons. It went to the No 1 slot in Europe whereas it was widely loved by millions around the world.Many citizens were of the view that the song fits perfectly on our country’s politicians, as they become lazy and want an easy escape when it comes to working for the commoners.The fifth song ‘Written In the Stars’ by Tinie Tempah and Eric Turner is a passionate track about the struggle in life and reaching success.

Although the song was released last year, it came to the attention of listeners later on. The song has also been used by the ESPN for their commercials relating to the 2011 NCAA Women’s Division Basketball Tournament and also by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as its theme song for Wrestle Mania. Almost every song has a large audience and the only thing that matters is to absorb the positive elements from each song since there is no doubt that these simple songs give us hope and motivation to move on in life. – Dailytimes