Sana Safinaz inspires Valentino?

Pakistani designer duo, Sana Safinaz, clears the air saying that Valentino borrowing a design from their kitty is a fact to feel proud of and not plagiarism.How does one draw a line between plagiarism and inspiration? And if there indeed is a line, how does one know how thick that line is or if it is blurred. So when, a Valentino advertisement was published in the American Vogue, featuring a tall statuesque woman in a long open gown with floral motifs standing at a huge doorway, it did not surprise designer duo from Pakistan, Sana Safinaz. The advertisement, evidently copied from one of the designer duo’s lawn collection, was spotted by the duo’s PR manager, Freiha Altaf, who later played down the ‘copy’ saying, “Anyone can be inspired by their (Sana Safinaz) designs. They’re everywhere.” She was probably referring to the Verve magazine cover with the Ambanis and an Indian Vogue feature of the designer duo. “It’s very interesting how designs travel,” she said. – TOI