Reshma’s latest music album out

In every profession, there is a certain age till which one can practice his skill and get paid for it but in music, there is no age barrier but the stregth in you and your fans, along the demand in the market. Reshma is one such, very talented and lucky artiste, in fact, who has recently got the honour of getting her latest music album launched out in the market.Sachal Studio’s recently launched Reshma’s new album ‘Pakhivas’ at the Haveli Barood Khana, amidst a fun-filled event, which was attended by a diverse number of celebrities including Fariha Pervez, Sahiba and Rambo, Salman and Khursheed Begum while the event was managed by J&S.Reshma is a true asset for Pakistani music industry as her sensational soul-tickling voice has given us myriads of unforgettable songs which are not only admired in Pakistan but also admired and imitated in Bollywood.Reshma was born at Loha village of Tahsil Ratangarh, Rajasthan to a Gypsy family in 1947. Her family moved to Pakistan during the partition of India. She does not have any training in classical music. In 2004, her rendition of Ashkan Di Gali Vich Mukaam De Gaya topped the Indian music charts.

Reshma once said in an interview, “I was born to a family of saudagars in Rajasthan, at a small settlement called Bikaner. I don’t know the year I was born but I was told that I was brought to Pakistan when I was a few months old in 1947. My family would take camels from Bikaner and sell them in other areas and bring back goats and cows from elsewhere to sell at home. I belong to a huge clan of gypsies. We were forever travelling around. Though a lot of us have now settled and taken up permanent residences at Lahore and Karachi, whenever we feel restless, we pack our bags and move on!”Reshma’s talent was discovered by the Radio Pakistan, a couple of songs later Reshma became a household name. She touched the hearts of the people with her raw soul stirring vocals. Her voice was pure, deep and vibrant; truly the voice of the desert.People were not only fascinated by her voice but also her simple ways. She never received any formal training of music as a matter of fact she never received any education at all. Reshma had her own interesting style of remembering the lyrics. She was proud of her humble origins and the glitz of the glamour world did not mar her simplicity.

Reshma had countless fans in other countries too. She also recorded a song for an Indian movie in the 80’s. The song was a mega hit. Reshma has performed in many countries and was invited by many governments; all in awe of her magnificent voice and her simple personality.Reshma currently resides in Dubai. She is suffering from cancer and like other legends whose soulful renditions had brought joy to us on countless occasions; she has been abandoned by us Pakistanis when she needs us the most.Reshma suffered from Cancer and was in a pretty bad shape when the former President of Pakistan; President Pervez Musharraf went to her aid and helped her pay off her loan of Rs.1 million as well as put her on a secure assistance of Rs.10,000 per month. He also helped her secure a plot of land for herself, but that did not go through due to the change in the government. Reshma described him as a true lover of art.

Reshma is currently residing in dubai suffering from cancer still. But like Nazia Hassan, she is a true fighter which is evident from the launch of her recent music album. Reshma has made it a point to let the audience know, time and time again, how unhappy she is due to the fact that she has been forgotten. She is also cross at the recent government for stopping her social assistance paycheck. She also mentioned that when she was in India, the officials asked her to stay there for good as she was born in Rajasthan, but she returned back to Pakistan.Her daughter Shazia Reshma sings with her mother sometimes. Reshma can’t sing much as her voice has been lost due to her illnesses. She can’t pronounce words that well, and thus requires the help of her daughter to clear her singing. Reshma is a vegetarian. – Dailymailnews