American Idol Episode Recap: The Top 7 Perform

Thankfully, the judges on this season of American Idol haven’t been obsessed with the buzz word “current” like our dearly departed Simon Cowell and Kara Whatsherface. That said, this week’s theme, Songs of the 21st Century, was all about being current-ish, as the singers tackled songs from the last 11 years.Overall, it was a pretty strong night, but a few singers stood out for their lack of risk-taking. Then again, one singer took a big risk and kissed The Most Beautiful Woman in the World and almost ran the show completely off the rails. The entire night had a silly vibe, as the intro packages featured the contestants poking fun at their fellow competitors.

No surprises here: Scotty holds the mic funny! Stefano is a ladies man! Jacob is a diva! Casey has a beard!Oh, and there was a pointless (and at some points terrible) group number by the eliminated singers, who sang Pink’s “So What?” The image of the five eliminated women (Ashthon, Karen, Naima, Thia and Pia) was a sad reminder of the injustice of the season so far, but the empowerment anthem at least made sense with them in the driver’s seat. When Paul hit the stage, the whole thing fell apart. I honestly believe the producers staged this just to get Pia back on the stage before she hits Dancing with the Stars next week. Speaking of Dancing, Mark Ballas was in the house!Ok, let’s break down the singing that matters. – Yahoonews