Sonam gunning for the Miss Professional award this year

Sonam Kapoor is gunning for the Miss Professional award this year.The actress shot 18 hours at a stretch almost every day the last week to complete patchwork for her upcoming film, despite being ill. Thanks to her commitment, her shoot is now complete.A friend reveals, “She had a high fever, severe cold and a throat infection last week.” The friend blames her inordinately long hours at work for the breakdown.

“Mid-week, she flew to Chandigarh to shoot for Mausam, despite being unwell. She came home only after she was done.”Back-to-backA few days ago, she shot for Thank You at Madh Island from 6 am to 1 am, went home for a costume trial for Players and to shoot an ad. She then flew off to Delhi for an event.Back in Mumbai, she took time out to dub for and shoot for scenes on Thursday and Friday and to work on her ads.She finally collapsed that evening. Despite that, she went to shoot for Players the next day as she had combination dates with co-stars Abhishek Bachchan and Bobby Deol.”Now due to a throat infection, she can barely speak now, ” adds the friend. Apparently, Anil Kapoor’s daughter hasn’t taken a holiday since Sawaariya.”Though Sonam had gone to USA last year for a vacation, she had a relapse of typhoid and couldn’t really enjoy herself, ” informs the friend. – Santabanta