Lovebirds getting ready to exchange tokens of love

ISLAMABAD:Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so is spring and the air is to be filled soon with fragrance of love and affection. Couples around the capital, will be celebrating this day in their own special way on 14th of February. However, there are a few places in and around the city that are worth visiting to enjoy this day with near and dear ones. Daily Times highlights places that have been popular over the years and some of them are new additions to this picturesque city.Though, uncanny hands of extremists and radical forces looming threats to such activities, yet love needs no restrictions.The lovers are thronging shop and malls in town with enthusiasm and desperation. The whole of Islamabad’s Jinnah Super Market (F-7) and F-10 Markaz seem to be celebrating it in full swing.
Illusions gift and CD/DVD store shown above hand, changed the whole theme of the store to that of red hearts. The store’s lighting was a shade of pink and giant hearts dotted the floor outside. Most restaurants and bookstores had also made similar adjustments to their look and feel.Amongst all the places to go, Bhuban and Nathia Gali seems to be the best options. Bhurban can be quite romantic during the afternoon and the drive there can be a great way to spend some time together with a loved one.The rear side of Rawal Dam, situated at Murree Road, leads to Rawal Lake, and Lotus Lake at the foothills of Shakarparian- both lead the way through a vista of falling leaves of tree are unknown spots for most couples in the city. It can be amazingly romantic during afternoons again and just sitting under a tree beside the lake can be quite unique experience. The best parts about these places are that people don’t bug you much, although there may be a few looks from curious onlookers, so cool it down a bit. Looking towards Murree Hills is also a great spot to go for a drive; it’s one of the best places to celebrate the occasion but not usually in solitude.

Recently developed by CDA, Lake View Park is all set to become a very popular hangout, during Valentines Day. The place brings a new experience to all Islamabadites and couples from around the city visit it everyday. This Lake had always been a popular place for couples, and the Park brings a new touch to the lake. The idea of drifting down the water in a paddleboat seems distinctly romantic for couples. The best time to visit the place is when the spot is under the twilight zone.The restaurants, café, hotels and guest rooms may be a stereotyped dating places, all around the cities but we still see few of restaurants at Margalla Road are worth visiting on Valentines day. The atmosphere definitely suits the love-is-in-the-air occasion and offers a nice place to talk to your loved one.Tonga-ride at Saidpur Village can also be a nice way to spend some time together. Although one may have to face a bit of fright from being spotted by elders, Tonga-ride is always pleasant and so is the atmosphere at Saidpur Village that has emerged as a hot picnic spot, over the few years. Visiting the village means spending time at modern and village at a time that may be quite pleasant, however try to abstain from crowded spots.

Islamabad’s newfound high skyline has created new places for couples to date. Many lovebirds date on the roof of restaurants, and cafes located in Blue Area and almost every downtown plazas of the city. Sometimes this gets quite risky. However, risks are always enjoyable!Different outlets of ice cream parlours, in various sectors are also places to date at times.Love-stuck valentines visit college and university campuses as well. There is nothing much to do in the campus but to sit around, exchange of romantic words and gifts, a quick refreshment at campus cafeteria can also be enjoyable experience.Fatima Jinnah Park (F-9) has its fair share of mushy valentine’s couples every year. This park is said to be the most popular place amongst lovers from all parts of the city. The eating outlets and the greenery must have something to do with all of this. Couples from different walks of life sit and chat here in each other’s arms with no idea of the time.Besides these, Shakarparian Hills, Damn-e-Koh/ Pir Sohawa, Pakistan Monuments, Margalla Hills Tracks, Visit of Zoo, Lok Virsa, Saidpur Village, Shahdara point and Chattar Park is one of the favourite spots for lovebirds to celebrate the V-day. Although there may be many other ways in which the love-struck community celebrates Valentine’s Day, Daily Times hopes that these places may suit your wants. However, wherever you may spend your time, remember that it’s the ‘spirit of the occasion’ that is the most important – Dailytimes