Renowned flute player Rahman back in city

LAHORE: Internationally renowned flute player Haider Rahman is back in the city after performing at the World Music Festival in the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka.The young flute master played with the band Loki Terra in a remarkable event in which six local and five international bands gave their performances in front of 5,000 people. “The people were very loving and the response to our performance was tremendous which left a lasting impact on all of us,” Haider told media. “The energy of the crowd and their smiling faces were our prize as that was an unforgettable moment. I performed as part of Lokki Terra, which is a 13-member band and has Cuban, English, Bangladeshi, Turkish and Swiss musicians. Being the only Pakistani at the festival was an honour, and my performance was highly appreciated,” said Haider.Haider has performed in Lebanon and Dubai, and several other cities around the world, and is making a co-music production with different artists in the UK. Domestically, he is working with Laal The Band and is also making advertisements and jingles for an upcoming Buraak Radio based in Karachi. He has also played at the All Pakistan Music Conference.“Nowadays I am focusing on mixing different traditional music to create a unique rhythm that is appreciated by everyone. By performing in different countries, I have learned that music is the most understood and appreciated language. And I intend to make music that is not dependent on words but a perfect tempo,” said Haider – Dailytimes