Pakistani hair and style industry adopts new course with ‘Nabila Changes’

As the renowned hairdresser of Pakistan completed her 25 years of service to the fashion industry, she recorded her triumphant expedition in a 135 page exclusive hardcover titled ‘Nabila Changes’. The book was launched at Nabila’s Studio in Karachi and a host of celebrities attended the event to show their support towards the proficient lady. The attendees ranged from the legendary cricketer Wasim Akram to ace designers like Safinaz Munir of Sana Safinaz, Umar Sayeed, Sonya Battla, Deepak Perwani to leading photographers like Tapu Javeri and Amean J. Musicians like Amir Zaki, Emu, Shallum Xavier and Ramiz Mukhtar, Fuzon and TV personalities like Mishi Khan, Ayesha Omar, Natasha Saleem and Anoushey Ashraf. Along with that, various diplomats and businessmen and women could also be spotted at the book launch hence making the night as the biggest in our small yet really talented hair and style industry. Nabila expresses her gratitude at the huge success of the event. She said that she felt “very touched to get such positive support and energy from a so called ‘catty industry’. Just goes to prove we have the sense to support the right thing!”This is the first ever book to published by L’Oréal Professionnel Pakistan. It traces Nabila’s journey which, according to her, “Has gone against the tide most of the time but things came around because she had conviction”. The book reveals how her revolutionary spirit couple with her creativity and professionalism led her to redefine the preconceived boundaries of hairdressing, fashion and style in Pakistan. It acknowledges and promotes professional beauty platform in Pakistan. Speaking about ‘Nabila Changes’, managing director L’Oréal Pakistan Musharaf Hai said, “When I think of Nabila’s professional milestones, they reflect an eye for detail, daring concepts, a penchant for risk, passion for differentiation, a supreme belief in herself… and why not! Her craft has evolved over time. Her expertise is evident from her interpretations of L’Oréal collections where she celebrates the richness of Pakistani culture. Nabila’s journey is infinite as is her quest for perfection.”

‘Nabila Changes’ is a wholesome book consisting of 9 chapters. The foreward by Zain Mustafa is followed by an introduction whereby Nabila gives an account of how she started, her first professional project and how she eventually launched her brand ‘Nabila’. The third chapter ‘I’ is about her 25 years journey while the proceeding chapter ‘Us’ provides details of three personalities who served as an inspiration for her. The fifth chapter ‘We’ focuses on Nabila’s work with L’Oréal and the next two chapters titled ‘He’ and ‘She’ emphasise Nabila’s work with male and female personalities like Wasim Akram, Babra Sharif and Shaan. The eighth chapter entitled ‘You’ outlines her work with some of the top models while the concluding chapter ‘It’ presents her journey as “one aura always leading to a new era” as quoted by Nabila herself. Speaking of the book chapters, Nabila confesses, “’I’ is my favorite because it tells my story! My work is the extension of how I feel.”‘Nabila Changes’ has been published with 500 exclusive collectors’ edition copies and since books are a relatively new concept in the fashion industry this endeavor makes Nabila a pioneer. She feels excited and comments, “I hope I can inspire not just the stylists but many more to live and write a magical story. One can engage the brain and make our experience a cerebral one.”This launch of “Nabila Changes” is a manifest of L’Oréal Professionnel’s commitment to encourage, support and build the professional beauty platform in Pakistan; indeed to celebrate and project role models such as Nabila within the industry in order to galvanize hairdressing within Pakistan – Dailytimes