Capital finally included in fashion circles

Fashion Weeks world over have become the focal points for international textile, garment and fashion buying houses, where the host country showcases it’s textile, leather, footwear and fashion-related products. These fashion events are not only promoting the countries’ finished products export, but strengthen the fashion related and the cottage industries of the country.

Excellent Events & Entertainment (Pvt.) Limited (Triple-E), was established in 1990 and has to it’s credit managing some of Pakistan‘s most prestigious and high profile events. Triple-E was the first company in Pakistan who gave the nation the concept of a fashion week. Until Karachi Fashion Week 2008, fashion weeks in Pakistan were non-existent. The regular fashion weeks since 2008 have not only been instrumental in placing Pakistan’s name in the league of countries where fashion industries are progressive and considered a serious business, but have also brought in foreign investment to the country. Our vision is to create an avenue where designers, buyers, and media from East to West may connect and propose business.After the successful launch of Karachi Fashion Week Chapter 1 & 2, we have announced Islamabad fashion week on January 27-30, 2011 at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The first ever Islamabad Fashion Week will indeed create both history and inclusion of Islamabad in the world’s fashion capitals. Islamabad Fashion Week will be an ideal event that facilitates trade and exposure for our international guests as well as highlighting our local talent. The four-day very high profile fashion extravaganza will showcase the leading international and regional fashion designers and brands, through fashion runway shows and multimedia presentation. This event will adhere to the international standards and will utterly be a trade event.It is pertinent to mention here that Islamabad Fashion Week is taking place for the first time ever and it is a positive sign that finally, Islamabad has been recognized for inclusion in the fashion circles, at large! THe event that would begin today, would go on till 30th January – Dailymailnews