Veena opens defensive innings with an attack

LAHORE:Instead of seeking an excuse from the annoyed cinegoers and the general public in order to soothe their anger, Veena Malik, a controversial Lollywood actress who was last week thrown out of the famed Indian TV show “Big Boss, has further stiffened her neck by telling them “Do not you guys have anything else than to slate me?” She said this during a brief chat with this reporter at her residence on Sunday.“Some of my colleagues who are fighting for their survival are seeking a fake limelight in slamming me,” she said while complaining. During her talk, the actress said she did not expect this much denunciation by her own people as she had done nothing more an “immoral” thing than what she had done before (in Pakistani films).She said the critics should keep in mind her social works as well as friendly attitude. “It is very sorry to tell that 99 percent of my critics have not watched my show (Big Boss) but are criticising me,” she said and added that modern and liberal circles of Pakistan were appreciating her as she had portrayed a modern image of Pakistan. Veena Malik claimed to have propagated Islamic values, Pakistani culture and promoted Urdu language among her Indian house-mates during her stay in Big Boss Bungalow of India. She said every act of the show was scripted and she did not share the blanket with Ashmit by her own will. She said all the house mates shared their blankets and helped each others by massaging, washing cloths and cooking. She said Ashmit was her friend but it did not mean that she was in love with him. She further said the news about her proposal for marriage to Ashmit was totally bases on propaganda campaign – Nation