Farah, SRK hug and make up

After their year-old cold war, Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan had an emotional reunion at the Apsara Awards at the Bandra -Kurla complex last night. Says an onlooker, “Last week at the Screen Awards, while backstage, SRK had invited FK to join him in his vanity van.At the time, their vans were far apart. Farah finished her act and left soon after. However, last night at the Apsara awards, their vans were almost next to each other and she had to pass by SRK’s van. As she was crossing by, SRK’s spotboy saw her and asked her to come in and meet Shah Rukh. Farah went in and both of them hugged each other warmly.”

A casual chat veering around their children followed. Farah showed SRK pictures of her triplets, Anya, Czar and Diva. “Priyanka was also in the van so the two friends hardly had any time to chat. FK left a few minutes later as she had to run to the Lions Club Awards after that. Of course, the two have promised to catch up later now.”The two remained unavailable for comment. Shah Rukh and Farah had a fallout more than a year ago when she had started her next film Tees Maar Khan with Akshay Kumar instead of Shah Rukh. SRK had been out of action from films for almost a year because of his shoulder injury and had postponed her film Happy New Year – Dailymailnews