£700m ‘hyper yacht’ design that even has grand prix

THE super-rich could soon be able to buy the world’s most expensive personal boat – a floating version of billionaire’s playground Monaco.The 500ft long Streets of Monaco yacht is expected to cost £700million and features scaled-down versions of the state’s famous landmarks, including the Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack.It boasts a Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse, the Loews Hotel and swimming pools and tennis courts. And those hoping for thrills can rest easy, with a Monaco Grand Prix-inspired go-kart track zooming through a tunnel complex running around the deck.The super-ship is the brainchild of Derbyshire-based Yacht Island Design and if built would transform the boat industry.
Company director Rob McPherson said: “It is basically a floating city. “We wanted to show our capabilities and grab people’s attention – I hope it’s worked. “The car circuit was the thing that sparked the whole thing off. The Monaco idea came from that.“It’s aimed at a very unique market and we are designing themed yachts.“Everyone is going for the automotive-style designs at the moment but we wanted to do something a bit different. “This sort of yacht could be for the individual but there’s also a charter market that could be interested – Nation