Agassi uses nude Steffi for charity

At a charity auction in Taiwan, tennis star Andre Agassi promised the highest bidder a naked photo of his wife, Steffi Graf. In an effort to heat up the bidding on an autographed plate, he told bidders: “If you bid more than $4,000 on this, I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone, naked.” Cheers and applause greeted his announcement.A bespectacled man in a white shirt met the price, and Agassi kept his word. The bidder let out an audible “Wow!” when Agassi showed him the photo on his phone. It is uncertain whether the photo was really of the tennis star’s wife in the nude.It is also unclear if Steffi Graf knew of her husband’s actions, and whether he will face any consequences for showing off the photo – Dailymailnews